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With all of the Instagram updates occurring frequently, one of the most common questions in the online business space is how to increase engagement on Instagram stories.

Maybe you’ve seen a dip in viewers on your Instagram stories or maybe you’re feeling like your account is just lacking in engagement overall.

If you’re an online business owner or brand, here are some tips to help increase your engagement on Instagram stories, lead to connections, and boost sales.

Let’s first go over some Instagram story ideas to help captivate your viewer, provide value, and connect with your audience.

9 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas

Engaging Instagram stories are a fun, free, and authentic way to create and build connections with people in your community.

1. Behind the scenes of your day

Everyone loves a peek behind the curtain. Show your daily routine, your workspace, or a little bit of something you’re working on at the moment.

2. Question and answer

Ask your audience questions about anything! Step it up a notch and create a video of answers and post it as an IGTV.

3. Engagement stickers

Use polls, slides, questions, music, and quizzes. They are so fun to use and are called engagement stickers for a reason!

4. Mini Trainings

Provide your audience with a mini-training about anything in your industry.

5. Daily agenda

Open up a bit and let people know what your day looks like. They might have some of the same things on their schedule, which is a great way to connect! You can even tag those who are a part of your daily agenda.

6. Weekend recap

Post a photo dump of everything you did over the weekend. Showing a glimpse of your real-life gives your audience a more human angle to your business.

7. Screenshots from client wins/results

Share all the wins!! Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good success story?

8. Fun facts

Let your audience know a little bit about you or your business!

9. Quizzes/ Trivia/ Games

This is always a fun way to engage with your audience. Post a game related to your industry or quiz your followers on their knowledge of your industry!

Instagram stories are a great way to accomplish everything social media sets up to do: build the know, like, and trust through forming connections and building a community!

However, a lot of businesses still aren’t utilizing stories to truly make these connections with their followers.

In order to really boost engagement, there has to be a reason your audience goes to view your stories in the first place, and this means making sure your viewers are involved and feel connected to your content.

my 5 favorite ways to use Instagram Stories to put my audience first:

  1. Ask your audience what kind of content they want to see from you – Ask questions on your stories as market research to truly access what your audience wants to see from you on your social media channels
  2. Host a Q + A weekly on your stories – once a week, ask for questions from your audience for what they want to know about you personally or professionally
  3. Consistently share about your personal life – use your stories to showcase not your business life, but parts of your personal life as well like your hobbies, interests, favorite foods, and tv shows
  4. Host weekly polls – Once a week, host a series of polls on your stories like “This or That” or “Would You Rather.” This allows you to get to know your audience further and see why they follow you, where they can from, and what stage of business they’re at.
  5. Show behind the scenes of your day – Use your stories like a “vlog” and show the behind the scenes, real glimpse into what your day-to-day life is like. This will help get your followers invested.

Think about why you watch certain people’s Instagram stories and what value they offer you.

Now that we’ve nailed the purpose and content of your Instagram stories, let’s give into some quick tips and hacks for a quick engagement boost.

5 Quick Tips to Boost Engagement On Instagram Stories:

  1. Go through your follower list and engage with 10-15 stories each day before and after you post on your own stories.
  2. Ask your audience to tap and hold on your stories to read or view a lot of information.
  3. Be active on stories after posting on your feed.
  4. Ask your audience to screenshot your stories with high-value posts like tips, resources, etc.
  5. Ask your audience to tap back in your stories to review information.

Feeling like an Instagram story pro now?

Try out these tips next time you go to post on your Instagram stories. Remember that consistency is key and growth takes time.

Comment below which tip you’re going to try out first!

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